Pg 45-55

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In this part of the story tell about Davids struggle for food. His mother would “forgett” to feed him dinner. Breakfeast was no better. His only chance at getting food was at school, where he would steal food out of the other kids lunch pails. It was long before he got caught. Often when his father was home he would try to sneak David food, but that only caused stressed between his parents. His mother blamed David for the problems in there marrige.

It isn’t unnormal for the parents of abused children to have problems, mainly because it is usually only the one parent that is doing th abusing. So there for, that parent oftem blames the abused child for all the problems in the house.


Pg 35-45

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One day while Davids father was at work, his mother began feeding him blows to the face. But she started to lose her balance, so she grabbed his arm to stabilize herself and ended up dislocating his shoulder. She didn’t take him to the hospital till later that night and she told the doctor that David had fell out of his bed which was the on the top bunk.

Its normal for abusive parents to lie to family, friends, and doctors about why their child always has variouse bruises and broken bones. They are just trying to cover up the fact that they are beating there child. And alot of the times its pretty easy for the parents to get away with it.

Davids mother stopped refering to him as her some, but “the boy.” One day she had him strip infront of the stove, and held is arm over the bruning gas stove.

Pg 25-35

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This is the time when Davids mom turned from nurturing mom to the wicket witch. She was always drinking and David had become very afriad of her. It is normal for childen to become afraid of there parents when they become alcohalics. They become angry and start taking out there anger on the children, or in this case, just the one child. In Davids case, minor punishments turned into punishments that affected his self esteem. His mother had him stand infront of the mirror for hours calling him self a bad boy, and if he was caught not saying it she would punch him in the face a couple of times.

Pg 15-25

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In this part of the book, the author is telling the story of the good times before he was abused. His family was like the Brady Bunch of the 1960’s. His mom was a stay at home wife and his father was a fire fighter. In those days Dave was just a normal kid in the perfect loving family. In those days Dave was a happy child. He did not expect to be grow up with an abusive relationship with his mother.

Chapter 1 The Rescue-Pg 1-15

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child-cryingThe first chapter in A Child Called “It” is about the day that he was finally rescued from his mothers torturous abuse. Dave went to school and school nurse had him come into her office where she examined all his recent and past scars and bruises. This wasn’t the first time that the nurse had examined him, she had been for over year. After the nurse had finished examining him the principal, Mr. Hansen, came into the room and led him to the teachers lounge where all of Dave’s teachers and a police officer were gathered. Dave was getting really scared that they would call his mother. He knew that if they did he would pay for it Beverly when he got home. There was only one other time that Mr. Hansen called his mother about his injuries, and when Dave came to schoolthe next day he saw the results of  his mothers beatings. Mr. Hansen never called again. The Police Officer had Dave tell him about his mother. Dave is cared out of his mind about telling him about his relationship with his mother. The nurse had Dave show the officer the scar on his chest from where his mother had stabbed him. Dave told them that it was an accident, that his mother never meant to stab him. The police officer then took Dave down to the police station where he called Dave’s mom to notify her that Dave was now in the custody of  San Mateo Juvenile Department. The they are in the car driving down the highway when the Officer tells Dave that he is now free from his mothers abuse.

Why this Blog

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a-child-called-itI am doing this blog because I am doing a novel study in my English 12 class. A Child Called “It” is true story about one of the most severe cases of child abuse in California. It is about the childhood of Dave Pelzer, who was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother. She play torturous games with him that left him nearly dead. He had to learn to survive his mothers games so he could stay alive. His mother no longer considered him a son, and not a boy but an ”it.” He was forced to sleep on an old army cot in the basement and his clothes were ripped and very dirty. When she did allow him to have food it was just scraps that should have been thrown in the garbage. Dave had nothing and no one to turn to. He clung to his dreams of someone loving and taking care of him to help him to survive.