Pg 55-65

As David’s struggle for food continued, he divised a plan to sneak away from school at lunch and go to the grocery store to steal some food. He began timing his run to school. On his first attempt he didn’t go through with it because of fear of getting caught, but as his hunger grew so did his courage. But after a few times he got caught. So he began stealing food from the cafiteria at his school. It didn’t take long for his mother to figure out that he was getting food somehow. When he got home one day from school, his mother crammed her fingers down his throat and made him empty everything in his stomach. Later that night, in front of his father, she made him eat all the stuff that he had thrown up.

When a parent is starving there child, they don’t like it when the child manages to get food some other way, and will often do anything they can from preventing them to get any.


~ by alibyrne on April 28, 2009.

One Response to “Pg 55-65”

  1. Its hard to believe parents would do this too a child, but by the looks of this the book goes into great detail of how bad it is. Im curious to know what happens in the rest of the book though but at this point it seems very interesting. Good interpretation so far.

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