The end

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After nearly a decade of of suffering and abuse at his mothers hand, Dave was finally taken out of his mothers custody at the age of 12. The nurse at his school had been recording Dave’s abuse for over a year and finally  had enough evidence to call the police. He was then placed in a series of foster homes which you can read about in the sequel “The Lost Boy” A foster childs  search for the love a family. Dave Pelzer has published 7 books in this series all of them descibing all the events that he has gone through throughout his life.



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Dave’s hopes for rescue layed in his fathers hands. He concidered his father his hero. He would often, at first, try to sneak Dave food and tried defending Dave to his mother. But he was also an alcoholic and eventually grew tired of battling his wife and allowed her to do what she wanted with Dave. When Dave had told his father about the stabbing, Stephan (father) responded by asking why. After being told Dave had been stabbed while doing the dishes, the intoxicated father simply told his son “Well, you ah, go back in there and do the dishes.” It was that moment that Dave realized that no one in his house would or could help him. Eventually, Stephan left the family, allowing his wife to to take her terror on Dave to a higher level.

The Incident

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One incident described in the book started like a normal day. After being deprived of food for three days, his mother had given him twenty minutes to clean the kitchen and do the dishes. Staggering drunk, she grabbed a kitchen knife and began waving it in his face shouting, “If you don’t finish on time I’m going to kill you!” In her drunken state, Dave’s mother lost her balance and stabbed him in the chest. At first his mother took care of him, but didn’t take him to get medical attention despite his blood loss and the severity of the stab wound. But after a few days, Dave was left to take care of himself again.

“I was King”

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“I” was used alot in this story as Dave discovers the power he felt when he stalled his mother from burning him on the stove and “won.” Trying to find food, making plans, and succeeding in getting the prize of eating frozen dinners from his families deep freeze and the school cafeteria. Dave was proud of his accomplishments and used the statement “I was the king.” This shows the amount of neglect he went through to consider frozen meals to be a prize.


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Besides being horribly beaten, Dave was forced to eat his own vomit, swallow soap, ammonia, and Clorox. This was just the beginning of his mothers “games.” His childhood was not always a nightmare. There was a chapter devoted to the “good years” describing the feeling of warmth and saftey provided my his mother. By the age of 4 those feeling were replaced with fear, starvation, and lonelyness.

pg 75-85

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There are thousands of child abuse cases across North America. There are many types of abuse; physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect/failure to provide and emotional maltreatment. All of these except sexual abuse appear in this stroy. A child who is being abused will put up with it for a long time before telling anyone what is happening. Some victims never tell anyone what there going through. Anybody is in the position to be abused

Pg 55-65

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As David’s struggle for food continued, he divised a plan to sneak away from school at lunch and go to the grocery store to steal some food. He began timing his run to school. On his first attempt he didn’t go through with it because of fear of getting caught, but as his hunger grew so did his courage. But after a few times he got caught. So he began stealing food from the cafiteria at his school. It didn’t take long for his mother to figure out that he was getting food somehow. When he got home one day from school, his mother crammed her fingers down his throat and made him empty everything in his stomach. Later that night, in front of his father, she made him eat all the stuff that he had thrown up.

When a parent is starving there child, they don’t like it when the child manages to get food some other way, and will often do anything they can from preventing them to get any.